Allen Davidson
Pastor | First Baptist Church, Venus

God has blessed me and has moved wonderfully in my life, often in spite of myself. I grew up in a good home and we went to church on Sundays, but it wasn’t until middle school that I understood the Good News of the atoning death of Jesus. Even though I had trusted in Christ, I didn’t have those around me to teach me how to walk with the Lord. But through it all, my wanderings and failings, God was faithful. Even when I had made my plans to go to Florida State for completely self-centered reasons God had prepared people to come alongside me and show me what it meant to live out my faith in Christ.

It was during this time that I met my lovely wife, Amanda. We were married two weeks after graduation and two weeks after that we moved to Fort Worth where I began seminary at Southwestern and she began teaching at a local Christian school. During this time God was good to us and doubled our family with the addition of our twin sons, Sawyer and Lawson.

With a Master’s under my belt and a PhD nearly completed, God called us to move 30 miles south to Venus where I began pastoring First Baptist Venus. We are a church that exists to glorify God, make disciples, and reach the world. This is similar to my own personal mission statement and I believe that God has done this purposefully.

My goal in life is to use all that God has given me to make the greatest impact for the Gospel of Jesus Christ through His power and for His glory.

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