Why Don’t We Pray?

Why are we so prayerless when we need so desperately to be prayerful? I believe the biggest reason for our lack of prayer is that we don’t think prayer accomplishes much. Our culture lets us know how little they believe prayer accomplishes every time a tragedy occurs, and we respond with prayer. However, we say effectively the same thing when we are prayerless in our everyday life.

In Exodus 32, God’s people rebel against Him at Mount Sinai and make an idol to worship. At that moment, God declares His intention to destroy the people and says to Moses, “let me alone, that My anger may burn against them and that I may destroy them.” When God says let me alone, the inference is that the singular act standing between the people of Israel and complete destruction is the prayer of one man.

If Moses prays, God may relent and turn from His wrath. God will destroy the people if Moses does not pray. Here we find the beauty of God’s grace because God desires for His people to be involved in moments of eternal consequence through prayer.

If God ordains to work mightily through the prayer of His people, why don’t we pray more? If God has appointed prayer to be the means by which we join Him in His eternal work, what excuse could we give for not praying? Prayer accomplishes much, let us pray much.

Listen to the whole sermon here:


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