Weekly Wrap-Up 1/6/17

The House of Representatives and Planned Parenthood
Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, has said that the House will move to strip all funding from Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider. Not only is this a hot-button issue, but it also represents one of the greatest pushes against the abortion giant from a legal body in some time.

Congress’s Religious Makeup
Many secularists are scratching their heads in the wake of a Pew Research Survey revealed that while Americans are less Christian, Congress is roughly as Christian as it was in 1960. This anomaly points to the continuing role of faith in the halls of America’s legislative branch.

A Hate Crime?
Chicago police have arrested four African-American teens for beating a white teen and using racist language during the attack that was posted on Facebook. Regardless of the race of the victim, such an attack is an assault on human dignity and should sicken us all.

Free College Anyone?
Bernie Sanders rose in national prominence particularly because of his popularity with young liberal voters. One of the greatest rallying points for his supporters was the idea of free college. Of course, this sounds good, but there is no such thing as a free lunch. NPR analyzes some of the unintentional consequences of this type of plan.

Live Near Your Church
Commuter churches are popular within larger cities. Many people drive thirty minutes or more to attend church on a Sunday morning. But Nathan Finn argues that this might be damaging to the church long term.

How Euthanasia Came to Europe
Physician-assisted suicide, or euthanasia, didn’t come about overnight. It made advances over the course of years through arguments made and remade in the public sphere. Joe Carter traces its rise in Europe, in which we see many of the same steps taken in America.
Part 1 http://erlc.com/resource-library/articles/how-euthanasia-came-to-europe
Part 2 http://erlc.com/resource-library/articles/how-euthanasia-came-to-europe-part-2


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