Weekly Wrap-Up 12/16

Dylan Roof Found Guilty
Almost a year and a half ago, Dylan Roof walked into the Emanuel AME Church and slaughtered nine African American worshippers. Having now been found guilty on all counts, the jury will begin deliberating whether he will spend life in jail or will face the death penalty.

In an ever evolving situation, Aleppo remains a need of urgent prayer. Horrific war crimes have been committed as the city has fallen but now the focus rests squarely on the civilians caught in the city trying to escape.

Russia’s Hacking and the Presidential Election
Calls for inquiries into Russian hacking are a rare act of bipartisan agreement. It remains highly unlikely that the Russian hacking into Democratic Party officials’ email accounts were the ultimate factor that swayed the election. However, the intrusion of a foreign government into the elections of a free people should concern everyone.

Fake news warnings on Facebook
Facebook now recognizes that they cannot maintain a position on neutrality on their site with regards to fake news. The question that now faces its users is whether or not they will take warnings about fake news seriously or will ignore them completely.

Here’s a helpful chart that can help you get your head around
A decent breakdown of all things real and fake news.


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