Weekly Update 12/9

Is the Virgin Birth Essential
Around this time of year some will question the truthfulness of the virgin birth. Some will claim that it is a matter of faith but will slyly relegate it to the dust bin as irrelevant. But, if Jesus wasn’t born of a virgin there are some very real consequences for our faith. Kevin DeYoung explores some of these in a helpful post.

The Overlooked Factor in the Trump Win
Could statements like the ones made in oral arguments during the Obergefell decision have played a role in Trump’s victory? Perhaps. It’s certainly worth consideration.

Should We Fire Fast
Conventional wisdom says hire slow, fire fast. But is this the best advice. For Christians, and those in ministry in particular, this assumption needs to be questioned against a Biblical framework. It’s an old article but Philip Jensen provides some very helpful insights.

The Gentrified City
Many lower income residents of cities are finding themselves priced out of their neighborhoods as upwardly mobile young professionals move into neighborhoods. This bit of satire provides perhaps the most stinging criticism of this trend in recent memory.

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