Weekly Wrap-Up 12/1

Cultural Heresy
Chip and Joanna Gaines found themselves in hot water because they attend a church that holds to historic Christian teaching. BuzzzFeed ran a hit piece  against the couple trying to force the couple into capitulation. A slightly more credible news outlet, the Washington Post, noted the danger that this type of journalism poses. Here is a good article from Trevin Wax on how Christians should think about issues like these.

Do You Trust Your News Site
How can we know if a news story si credible or not? The proliferation of fake news has made this a pressing question. Alyssa Rosenberg of the Washington Post asked this question to several of her colleagues. Their answers are insightful and helpful.

The TV Phenomenon
This Is US has made huge waves across the entertainment world because of its amazing storytelling and relatable characters. There are so many different stories going on at once that we find ourselves drawn into multiple characters simultaneously. But this is not what ultimately draws us in. Russell Moore provides some keen insight on what might be drawing us in.

Liberty University Under Fire
Liberty University came under fire for hiring Ian McCaw as their new Athletic Director. McCaw had previously served at Baylor and resigned amidst the release of the Pepper Hamilton report that showed systemic mishandling of sexual assault allegations against athletes. Liberty is seeking to ascend to FBC status but this might be too high a price to pay.



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