Weekly Wrap-Up 11-18

Dallas Church Affirms LGBT Members and is Removed from Denomination
Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas voted to accept LGBT persons into full membership despite warnings from the BGCT that they would be removed from the state convention. While many want to say that churches like this show evangelicalism shifting in favor of same-marriage, the fact that churches who take this route still stand out seems to point in the other direction.

America’s Religious Landscape as 100 People
If America were made of 100 people, how would they identify religiously? The Pew Research Center has put together some interesting statistics. This study really helps boil things down and give a broad view of a diverse landscape.

Liberal Theology and the Death of Churches
When liberal media outlets release news that critiques liberal positions, we should pay attention. This week The Guardian publicized a report that shows conservative theology tends to drive growing churches better than liberal theology. This flies in the face of more than a century of liberals claiming the opposite. Definitely worth a read and some careful thought.

Finally . . .
This about past on my dislike for the Confederate flag elicited some heated response from the alt-right. So, in case you missed it, here it is


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