Weekly Wrap-Up 11/11

Media Bewilderment
After Donald Trump’s sound victory over Hillary Clinton, the media is wondering how they got it so wrong. Apparently they missed the importance of “fly-over country” in their calculations because that is what propelled a Trump win.

Christians and the Post-Election Culture
How do Christians fit in the American landscape after the election shakeup? Regardless of what some might say, we probably won’t be at the center. Russell Moore gave a good reminder to Christians about how we are to carry out our mission.

The Culture of Death Advances
Sadly, in Colorado, physician assisted suicide passed by an overwhelming margin, undermining the sanctity of human life and human dignity. The Denver Post came out against the measure and now reports on the results.

Think Before You Post
Mark Dever, pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church, gave some good criteria to think about when posting on social media. After the week that America has been through, we could certainly use it.

The Electoral College
Finally, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but Donald Trump won the electoral college. This has many claiming the electoral college is unfair. At the Federalist, Donna Carol Voss explains why the electoral college is a restraint on the tyranny of the majority and a benefit to all voters.

Since the electoral college appears to be a mystery to so many Americans, here is a quick video to explain how it works and why its good for us.

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