Weekly Wrap-Up 11/4

Jen Hatmaker and Evangelicals
Popular author and blogger Jen Hatmaker has come out in support of LGBT inclusion. This has caused many to cut ties with her. Here, Kevin DeYoung interacts with the reasoning that led to Hatmaker’s change and shows them to be lacking.

Catholics and Lutherans
The Pope was in Sweden to meet with leaders of the Lutheran World Federation to urge unity between the two. But this union can’t work unless one or the other one or both sides abandons the positions they have held for half a millennia.

Are Questionable Practices Undercutting Journalistic Integrity
CNN has cut ties with Donna Brazile after emails showed that she leaked some debate questions to the Clinton campaign. More fundamentally, this raises the question of whether pundits are a detrimental to the journalistic process.

Speaking of the News
Farhad Manjoo notes that with the proliferation of the media we have become increasingly incapable of delineating fact from fiction. Is there a solution?

Cubs Win the Series
It’s not technically the kind of thing I would typically share, but come on, 108 years between titles deserves some attention. There is only a handful of people who were even alive the last time the Cubs won it all.

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