10/7/16 Weekly Wrap-up

Does a pastor need to be a believer?

Seems like a no brainer to many, but this very question is facing the United Church of Canada. Gretta Vosper is an outspoken atheist but pastors a congregation of the United Church in Toronto. It is now up to the General Council to see if she can continue pastoring the church.

More trouble at Baylor . . .

Two more plaintiffs joined a lawsuit against the university for its failure to handle cases of sexual abuse and their Title IX coordinator resigns. CBS interviewed Patty Crawford on her resignation as she accuses the school of failure to truly change.

Andy Stanley’s undercutting of the Bible

In a recent sermon, Andy Stanley argued that “For the Bible tells me so” is a insufficient basis for faith. Albert Mohler takes on that claim and shows that Stanley unintentionally undercuts any meaningful grounds for faith. http://www.albertmohler.com/2016/09/26/bible-tells-biblical-authority-denied/

The person sitting in the Oval Office could affect your bottom line.

We all know that the Presidency is an important office, but do you realize how it can affect your wallet? Art Rainer gives seven things you might want to consider heading into November.


Podcast of the Week

Do you have a “friendly church”? You may not be as friendly as you think. Check out Thom Rainer on how this happens and how you can change.


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