In the past few years, evangelicals have become increasingly aware of just how far we are being pushed from the cultural center. There was once a time when we could assume that everyone shared our general moral framework, but that time has passed. There was a time when we enjoyed some cultural respect, but that time has passed as well.

We now find ourselves in a culture that is generally apathetic to our concerns and our voice. To say that this is something of a new phenomenon within our lifetimes is an understatement. And while this presents us with challenges, it presents us with outstanding opportunities. But these opportunities require work.

For the first time in our lives we will be forced to think more carefully about complex issues from the position of cultural outsiders. Yet, this is where the church has been for most of its history and it is where we find the opportunity to shine the light of the Gospel brightly against the dark relief of our culture.

This is not, however, a task that belongs solely to our evangelical leaders. The task of thinking critically and robustly belongs to us all. So this blog is designed with the everyday Christian in mind. Throwing out ideas and issues to help evangelical believers engage the circles in which God has placed them. We have a deeply rooted faith and we live in a fallen world. And so we find ourselves “at the crossroads of faith and culture.”